Stop Bank Levy Help

Do you need to Stop or reverse a bank levy? If so, we can help. If the IRS or State Taxing Authorities are threatening a bank or have levied a bank account, you must act immediately.

State laws vary on this, but the IRS gives a 21 day grace period after a levy. If a levy is placed on your bank account, the levy attaches funds that have cleared and are available for withdrawal, up to the amount of the levy. The bank must wait until 21 days after a levy is received before sending the money. The holding period allows you time to get professional help help to stop and reverse the bank levy.

        (Read more on Bank Levies.)

The government can even issue bank levies on property that is yours but is held by someone else.  These include:

  • bank accounts
  • accounts receivable
  • wages
  • retirement accounts
  • rental income
  • social security

IRS Intent to Levy consequences include:

  • The government can seize and sell property that you hold (such as your car, boat, or house), or
  • The government can levy property that is yours but is held by someone else (such as your wages, retirement accounts, dividends, bank accounts, rental income, accounts receivables, the cash value of your life insurance, or commissions).

If you received an IRS Bank Levy or fear that one may be on the way, we can help. Larson Financial is very successful in preventing levies from happening, and even reversing levy action after it has taken place. Call one of our consultants immediately at 888-902-0778.

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